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Faux Canvas Prints?  Introducing EZpix  ….Cheap Only in Price, Ships Flat, Great Look!

Faux Canvas PrintFaux Canvas Prints! Graphic Impact is a leading producer of Giclée prints for artists and photographers. Are you looking for the quality of a more costly canvas print but at a rock bottom price? Well, you’re in the right place. Until now, cost has held people back from turning their beautiful photos to canvas prints. But no more. With EZpix from Graphic Impact, your photos can have the look of artist quality canvas prints. And the best part is EZpix faux canvas prints are less than half the price. Finally, a place to get beautiful, inexpensive canvas prints. You can’t beat that.

With sizes from 5×7 inches to 40×60 inches, you’re free to find the perfect size for your home or office. Thanks to our pre-creased folds, we are able to print EZpix faux canvas and ship them flat, which means your photo will arrive flawlessly, even if it’s shipped half-way around the world. Now, you’re free to share your favorite canvas picture prints with anyone. Whether you send one as a gift or create one for yourself, you’ll love how EZpix are made to last. Just imagine your beautiful EZpix faux canvas prints being enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.

So, get ready to transform your photos to canvas picture prints with the help of EZpix. EZPix from Graphic Impact makes the perfect gift for any occasion. When you’re looking for cheap canvas prints, you can trust Graphic Impact for the same exceptional quality and service that you would get even with a Giclée canvas print. If you go anywhere else, ‘cheap canvas prints’ may just refer to quality, not price.

This is not a cheap piece of cardboard with a photo print glued onto it!

You really can have the best of both worlds – a high quality canvas print at a low price. EZpix faux canvas prints is your solution for the least expensive canvas prints. These faux canvas prints will be rich with color and printed on materials built to last, all at a price you can afford.

EZpix was created just for you. At Graphic Impact, we know what’s important to customers like you. You’re looking for the one place that offers affordable canvas prints and Giclées, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality. What’s more, you want your print to be easy to ship and, when received in the mail, ready to hang in minutes. That’s why with EZpix, there’s no framing or special equipment required.

You see, these faux canvas picture prints from Graphic Impact in Tucson can be printed at any size. No more sacrifices to match your photograph with a limited size selection! Those days are over. Your personalized photo canvas print is usually ready in 1-2 business days. Stop by our convenient location at 5440 East Speedway in Tucson and we’ll let you see how it all comes together. See for yourself in this video how they assemble in a matter of minutes. You’ll be amazed by the quality of our durable (none better) UV inks. The vivid colors make your photos come to life.

In a hurry? EZpix are available for rush orders and rush delivery. Shipping your faux canvas prints flat is easy with EZpix. Remember, Graphic Impact is the only place you can get EZpix. You can be sure your canvas prints will get to those you love safely and affordably. Order your EZpix, low cost canvas prints today!