Getting Your Canvas Photo File Ready to Upload

Photo Preparation for EZpix

There are two important parts of preparing an image for printing and wrapping.  The resolution of the photo you send us should be a minimum of 250 dpi at full size.  Anything less may affect the quality of your finished canvas.  We accept pdg, tif, eps, ai, and psd files as well as jpg and png.  If you have questions about the format of you photograph we’ll be happy to help. Just give us a call at (520) 795-7446.  All of our websites have an easy to use download link.  There is no limitation for the file size.

Normally, all of our canvas prints are wrapped.  This means that when you are determining the final size of your photo (cropping), you must allow an extra 1.5 inches on each side of the print for the wrapping around the side, making sure that this 3 inches will not interfere with the face of the canvas print.  Please see the image illustration shown above.

This means that if you are sending us a 15 x 12 photo to wrap, the file you create must be 18 inches x 14 inches.

If you are picking up your EZpix (s) at our store, it will be assembled and ready to go.  In one business day if required.

If your EZpix is being shipped, it is normally packaged flat. This protects the print and significantly reduces shipping and handling costs.  Simply peel away the tape and fold. (it is literally ready to hang in seconds)